Divine Gesture Ltd trading as DG Chemicals was first established in September 2002 as a management buy-out of Implant Ltd. Utilizing the resources and over 60 years of combined experience in the chemical industry, the company initially focused on providing a professional repacking and blending service to our customers. During the last 6 years we have also expanded to include the supply of water treatment chemicals, flocculants, coagulants, flocculant blocks and anti-foams. Alongside the products we provide technical service to our clients on the use of the products in a variety of industries. Our aim is to provide the best quality product possible alongside a professional and unique first class service upon which our customers can rely and have confidence in.

Selling of our own products to customers began in 2009 and the business was split into three separate companies to service the specific industrial areas. These being, the blending and packing area, (Divine Gesture Ltd), the powder tanker business, (DG Tanker Filling Ltd) and the direct supply of products and services to various industrial sectors, (DG Chemicals Ltd).